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Our Beliefs:

We believe that encouraging our own dancers to embody each work through their unique artistry results in -happy- dancers with developed intuitions.

We believe this enables us to communicate our sincere intentions behind each work, cultivating a broad arts landscape in our community.

Our Mission:

Ballet Embody is an example as to how art can embody a collaborative experience between artist, admin, and audience.

Ballet Embody cultivates a -workspace- that elevates and challenges its dancers in a way that prioritizes their mental, physical, and artistic health and development.

Ballet Embody creates classical, contemporary, and innovative ballets that inspire audiences to further explore and experience the artform.

Our Story:

The concept for Ballet Embody started over beer & wings while a group of bunheads discussed ballet at Buffalo Wild Wings. The group yearned for a synergistic environment where dancers could actively participate in the creation process. Their ideals stretched beyond a collaborative process into a realm that was constructive and where dancers enjoyed and fully embodied their dancing. The dancers' enjoyment wouldn't stay hoarded in the rehearsal studio and would extend into theatre spaces, sparking appreciation and enjoyment for audiences. We are energized by our dancers and aim to highlight each of their strengths and personalities through thematic and narrative work. Emily & Melissa co-founded Ballet Embody on April 16, 2019 as a fiscally sponsored organization through Fractured Atlas.

Emily's inspiration for her first evening-length work came from the poetic and short stories of Baltimore legend Edgar Allan Poe. Ballet Embody is pushing forward into a new season motivated to create innovative and exciting work.

Ballet Embody is deeply committed to creating an inclusive and diverse environment that values all forms of diversity, including cultures, abilities, identities, and backgrounds. We actively strive to build a community where everyone feels a sense of belonging, fostering understanding and appreciation of differences among our dancers, students, management team, and everyone we interact with in programs, productions, and performances. Our dedication to equity and inclusivity extends to both our artistic expression and organizational practices, as we hold ourselves accountable to these values every day.

Ballet Embody values collaboration not only within our company of artists but also across disciplines.

Our graphics and logo were designed by local graphic designer Sarah Patarini.

For An Evening of Poe we worked with local musician and music editor Matthew Polonchak.

Our professional photography is taken by Ken at @pbkdigital and Francisco Jauregui.

Interested in collaborating with us? Let us know!

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