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Upcoming Events & Performances


June 6-8, 5:00pm-7:00pm

June 13-15, 5:00pm-7:00pm

Beginner Pointe Workshop | For New & Beg Pointe Students, Ages 10+

The 6-day workshop by Emily Runkle introduces new & prospective Pointe students to all things beginner Pointe, including "how to sew" your first pair, recovery for feet, beginner Pointe classes, and an end of workshop demonstration to showcase their new skills. 

Contemporary Pointe Workshop | For Int & Adv Pointe Students, Ages 12+

The 6-day workshop by Melissa Lineburg offers a Contemporary Ballet-based Pointe program for intermediate & advanced Pointe students. Dancers will incorporate their classical ballet technique into Contemporary Pointe classes & repertoire. The workshop culminates with a performance of Ballet Embody's Trinity, restaged by Melissa. *Drop-ins are welcome with prior approval.

Audition for Ballet Embody

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