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#ArtistFeatureFriday | Meet Marina

Marina Castilla, born in Kiev, Ukraine, started serious dance training with the Sudbrook Arts Center and Baltimore County Youth Ballet under the direction of Laura Dolid. She danced professionally with the Howard County Ballet and, in the DC area, with Metropolitan Ballet Ensemble, DC Contemporary Dance Theatre, and Connect The Dots Dance Company.

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Photo by Gail Bingham



Favorite Food


Favorite Movie

Master and Margarita

Do you have any pets?

CATS - Yoyo and Bodhi

What's your favorite full length ballet/performance/variation? Why?

Balanchine's Serenade and MidSummer's Night Dream

If you wear pointe shoes, what kind do you wear?


What are you looking forward to this season with Ballet Embody?

Being back in the studio dancing!

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