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#MeetTheArtist | Meet Max

Born in Philadelphia, PA. Began his training at the Metropolitan Ballet Academy under the tutelage of Lisa Collins Vidnovic, and continued his studies at the North Carolina School of the Arts with Kee-Juan Han, Melissa Hayden, and frank Smith. Has performed with Pennsylvania Ballet, and Ballet Austin, where he completed his apprenticeship. Graduated with a Master's in Philosophy from American University, and currently works in IT in DC.

This is Max's first season dancing with Ballet Embody.

Astrological Sign


Favorite Food


Favorite Color


Favorite Book

Moby Dick

Favorite Movie

Blade Runner

Inspirational Quote

Never show up to a party empty handed!

Favorite Music/Artist/Band/Musical Genre

Betty Who

Favorite Place to Be


If you were a dinosaur, which dinosaur would you be?


What genre of dance is your favorite? Why?

Classical, or contemporary

What is your favorite full length ballet/variation/performance? Why?

Flames of Paris. It's so cool/macho!

Why do you dance?

It's my first love.

What other jobs/activities/talents/passions do you pursue?

IT, philosophy, true crime, sci fi.

From our followers: Do you have another job(s)? If so, what do you do?

Web development

What are you looking forward to this season with Ballet Embody?

Getting back dancing again!

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