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Ballet Embody invites ballet students to audition for the Student Company's 2022-23 Season.


After much success in previous seasons, Ballet Embody resumes their student company for the 2022-23 season. Students will be choreographed into existing and original work, rehearsed with the standards of a pre-professional ballet company, and will gain experience rehearsing and performing with professional ballet dancers in the Maryland, Pennsylvania, and DC areas. Currently, Ballet Embody is planning several performances through the Fall, Winter, and Spring Seasons 2022-23. Rehearsals are planned to occur on Saturday afternoons at Synergy Space. Additional rehearsals as performances draw near will be scheduled alongside the Professional Company. Additional rehearsals are communicated in advance to all dancers involved.

Requirements: Students must have at least three years of technical ballet training, with strong ballet technique. Contemporary training is a bonus. Pointe work is not required. Students must be 10 years old at the time of audition, unless otherwise given special permission. Pre-registration is required.


Audition: Ballet Embody's audition for the Student Company 2022-23 Season has finished. Please email us if you're interested in scheduling an audition.


Please contact Ballet Embody for more information about rehearsal and performance dates, performance fees for students, and student company expectations and policies. 


We are so excited to be onstage again soon, and look forward to providing students more opportunities to perform in classic and contemporary ballets!

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